What we teach

We offer a variety of learning environments that cater uniquely to each individual's needs.  

Private Instruction

All Disciplines

30 Minutes a week: $250 per month

45 Minutes a week: $325 per month

60 Minutes a week: $375 per month

Group Instruction

All Disciplines

3 hour class

once a week


Group Instruction

Young Learners

2 hour class

once a week


Studio Package

Monthly Rates for Weekly Sessions

30 Minutes $250

45 Minutes $325

60 Minutes $375

*Ask us about our amazing special for students over 9 months

Individual Sessions

All Disciplines

1 Hour Sessions $95


Custom Package

For short term plans of

3 months minimum

contact us to negotiate rates and schedule frequency


Private Music Instruction

Aubrey Torres & Celeste Torres

With private instruction on an instrument, it can open a new world to students. With so many physical and informational concepts to learn, the one-on-one attention of a private instructor makes all the difference. We make sure our students learn to read music comprehensively, develop proper physical form, gain a working understanding of music theory and are prepared not just to play, but to perform!


* Aubrey & Celeste both have experience working with the hearing impaired. Don’t let that be the thing to hold your child back if they have an interest in music!



Aubrey Torres


Unlock the path for your kids to learn guitar and really make sense of it. Strumming is of course incredibly important, but many players don’t realize all they’re missing out on by not picking up the instrument as they would other music disciplines. We aim to set our students on a path that will allow them to take their playing as far as they want!



Aubrey Torres

The bass guitar is a great option for kids to try. The instrument is the glue and foundation for many a band, performing a role that others simply cannot. We’ve shown our students how to shape and develop music from their position in a band and ways they can create unique rhythmic and harmonic feels, things that many people think of as “the groove”.



Celeste Torres

Piano is a wonderful instrument that allows the player to enjoy creating music in groups or by oneself. The complex use of cognitive skills to read multiple music notes simultaneously and the dexterity required to execute them also makes piano the perfect choice to aid in the development of young minds.



Celeste Torres

The vocal coaching we offer isn’t just singing songs - though that is of course a huge part of any singing course! Our voice students will travel the road of notation, physical form, theory and performance just like all our instrumental students. Through the methods we use, even kids that were functionally tone deaf when they started with us flourished in a solo performance setting within a year’s time. Students can expect to learn not only to sing with style and beauty, but to understand the elements that make it that way.


Small Ensemble Class

Aubrey Torres & Celeste Torres

Make music together with other students! 

* Coming soon...