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  • Where do you perform your lessons?
    We are a mobile service. For private lessons that typically means we set up a hosting home local to multiple students studying with us. For group classes, they may occur at a host home if appropriate or at a rented space local to students that is sufficient for the class. This gives us the freedom to take students in more areas without requiring students to travel long distance for classes.
  • Do you accept charter school funds? Who are you a vendor with?
    Yes we do! Please contact us to find out if we're already vendors with your school if you can't seem to find us on your vendor list (we are already are involved many charters here in LA County). We're also happy to become vendors with schools we don't work with yet. The process usually only takes 2 weeks or less. Currently we're a vendor with Excel Academy, Sage Oak Charter Schools, Sky Mountain IEM Charter, Granite Mountain Charter, Blue Ridge Academy and iLead Exploration.
  • How do I know if my child is ready for lessons?
    Not setting an age range is important to us as we know that some kids develop quickly and can take instruction sooner than others. How we like to handle it is to meet the child and parent and see how they interact with us. This initial meeting allows us to confidently assess if the child is ready to jump into lessons. For children 5 and under we always start with a compatibility assessment.
  • What are your rates?
    Please see the rates section on our programs page. These rates apply to to each type of instrument we teach.
  • Do you offer any kind of scholarship programs?
    Not currently, but we plan to in the not too distant future!
  • I'm interested in hosting lessons in my home! What do I need to do to get that started?
    Hosting classes requires a handful of things beyond opening part of your home on a weekly basis, but can be incredibly convenient for busy households or families who intend to have multiple kids studying with us. Please call or email us to start the process and see if it's a good fit!
  • My kids are already older. Is it too late to start?
    It's never too late to start! We teach adults as well as kids and learning when you're older can be an amazing experience. Many people grow up assuming they're "not musical" or "not an artist". While we understand how people get that idea, it's usually the farthest thing from the truth!
  • What is the schedule for the current locations you serve?
    Monday: Culver City/West LA Area Tuesday: Culver City/West LA Area Wednesday: Studio City/ Burbank Thursday: Burbank/Glendale Area Friday: Covina/ LaVerne Area
  • Can I see your Sage Oak/charter school disclaimer points for your website?
    1) We always keep our website up to date. Any changes to our business are updated within the week of the change. 2) We are not a school of any sort and only offer private lessons on a individual tailored schedule for the student. 3) Our instruction consists of learning how to play the desired instrument, learning how to read for said instrument as well as harmony and theory of music. 4) We are vendors with multiple charter schools as well as cash only students. For a list of the schools we service please see our FAQ section. 5) We accept charter school funds as well as cash students who are not associated with charter schools. 6) Our lessons are based on time desired. Please see our Programs page for the details. 7) Our pricing is not all inclusive nor is it tuition based. 8) Torres Fine Arts Instruction does not claim Sage Oaks field trips, curriculum subscriptions, or other Sage Oak benefits as our own to falsely benefit our own program. 9) We have no additional fees the we require beyond the lesson fee. We do however have a list of books we teach from that we ask each student to purchase from an approved vendor with their charter school (not Torres Fine Arts Instruction). 10) All of Torres Fine Arts Instruction lessons are described as a tutoring session, again we are not a school but only offer private lessons on a tailored schedule to each student basis. 11) We do offer online classes in the case of in-person lessons not being a viable option but it is our desire that in-person lessons are the standard and online lessons are a contingency until the student can return to in-person lessons. 12) For any student that is paying for lessons through their charter we will not be able to offer any sectarian content as per Calirfornia law.
  • Are your lessons for charters schools strictly non-sectarian?
    They are strictly non-sectarian as mandated by California law.
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