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We started Torres Fine Arts Instruction with a passion to help kids develop their own voice through musical and visual arts. When I was young, so many people laid foundations for me to do so much in life. I realized much later in life that they had paved avenues of expression as well, some for personal enjoyment, some for career advancement and at times both. This business has allowed me the ability to cultivate budding interests for kids laying paths for them in the same way.


Our small group of teachers are all passionate about sharing the arts and all they can be. They want to see kids flourish in a positive and inspiring environment, while building relationships and developing solid foundations and skill sets in the arts; something that will allow them to enjoy the beauty and execution of artistic expression their whole lives. And like our students, we remain curious, advancing our abilities and knowledge not just for the enjoyment of making more art, but to continue bettering ourselves as teachers and humans.  

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